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Professional athletes in your use

Professional athletes in your use

Sportspot is the leading platform of sport-related collaboration in Finland. We give faces for your message by offering the largest network of professional athletes and sports personalities for various collaborative needs and best concepts to get your message thru. With a network of over 100 sports professionals, we have Finland’s highest resource of expertise in topics such as health, well-being, performance, mental skills, and self-improvement. All these things are relatable to any of us looking to excel as individuals.

Whether you are searching for a keynote speaker, best ideas and a well-known face for a marketing campaign or an inspiring trainer for a sporting event, we have the right concept for you. Sportspot provides bespoke planning for a concept which will be remembered and effects to your audience.

Currently, our customer satisfaction rate is an outstanding 4,8/5. We have already helped to create dozens of successful cases and collaborations in Finland. Next, we are looking forward to extending our network of athletes, investors, and customers across the national borders.

Please, feel free to contact us in English. Let’s create unforgettable and effective concepts together.

Juho Nenonen

Juho Nenonen

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